When it rains it pours… Multiple Mods slated for updating

After logging into the server yesterday, I noticed a slew of alerts stating that nearly half of the core mods to my pack have undergone an update, mostly to provide better compatibility to Forge 1355 or later.  This will make an update to the whole pack pretty necessary soon.  After resetting the map three times in four days just a few days ago, I am really hoping this update set doesn’t break anything.  ModPack maintenance is a pain in the ass.

bspkrscore updated to 6.16

No sooner do I get the mudpack stable and online, bspkrscore reports that it was updated from 6.15 to 6.16.  While this was back in February, it decided to say this to me now.  Most hosts have the 6.15 version which gives me reason to believe that 6.16 may have a problem.  Looks like I’ll have to research this one.  I’d hate to have to reset the server for a third time in three days due to a mod change.  I’d like to play minecraft sometimes instead of babysitting a modpack.  Even if it is my own.